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Vol 14 No 1 (2019): January-February

Research Articles

Causes of unusual characteristics of pomelo le0aves after flooding in Nak1h02on Pathom province

Kanya Sornsanit, Pornpan Usuwan, Pongnart Nartvaranant


Fruit morphological characteristics and fruit quality of pomelo cv. Tabtim Siam grown in Nakhon Pathom and Nakhon Si Thammarat Provinces

Saowanee Kongsri, Pongnart Nartvaranant


Analysis of markers of the genetic variants of (Nam Hom coconut Cocos nucifera L.) grown in western Thailand

Pongnart Nartvaranant


Half binary exponential increment double decrement back-off algorithm to enhance the saturated throughput of IEEE802.11 wireless LAN

Jesada Sartthong


The prototype development of traceability system of LSB steganography in image files with Base64 and MD5 encoding

Paisan Simalaotao


Salicylic acid using square-wave voltammetry with pre-concentration by solid phase extraction onto magnetite nanoparticles

Phetlada Sanchayanukun, Prapanee Pengmarerng, Sasithorn Muncharoen


Cloud storage application functionalities from users’ perspectives

Thanyatida Gunadham


Effects of Chelation Therapy in Patients affected from Heavy Metal Toxicity from Gold Mining in Loei Province: Case study of Arsenic Toxicity

Sirichada Plengphanich, Tewan Thaneerat, Pranee Limworawan, Ong-ard Sirikulphisut, Noppapadol Tiensawang


Applied social media and the effects of its use during vacation travel :A case study of Millennials in Thailand

Chalida Techajirakul, Kriengsin Prasongsukarn


Factors Affecting Performance of Standard Application and Indicator for Greenhouse Gas Emission in Green Office, Thailand

Sayam Aroonsrimorakot, Setrawut Phuynongpho, Supapan Athirot