Divitions of student development Is a social support agency. To have a talented graduate.Philosophy Create Event develop Add value to the graduate


Locations Divitions of student development

Building number 85 malaiman road, muang, Nakhon Pathom 73000

Tel 034-109-300 press 3388, 3381 and 3384


Mission of Divitions of student development

                     We work in all aspects for student.

                           1.  Student Development

                           2.  Student Services


Student Development

                      Student Development  is Divided into 7 categories

                         1.  central Activities

                         2.  academic Activities

                         3.  sport Activities

                         4.  Morality and Activities

                         5.  art activities

                         6.  Benefit activities

                         7.  recreation activities


Student Services

                    Student Services is Divided into 5 categories

                       1.  Guidance

                       2.  Health

                       3.  Dormitory

                       4.  Scholarship

                       5.  Military students