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To whom it may concern,

           Due to the COVID-19 spreading situation worldwide, the board of organizing committee of    the 4th International Conference of Multidisciplinary Approaches on UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs 2020) has considered everyone's health and safety as the primary  concern. We have decided to postpone the 4th International conference of Multidisciplinary Approaches on UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs 2020) until the appropriate time. Then we will inform you about the conference later on.
         For the submitted papers, we will contact submitters via email in details. Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation. Finally, we are deeply regret for your inconvenience.

                                                                         Yours sincerely,

Paper Submission
Paper can be submitted via:
 Online submission at EasyChair submission system  28th February  2020   
 E-mail at

Manuscript Preparation 

Conference papers should be limited to a maximum of 8 pages.
 Download template for submission. 
 Download EasyChair Instructions for authors.
 Download In citations

Conference Publication
- To publish the paper in the Journal of Thai Interdisciplinary Research, the manuscript has to be submitted in the conference Easy chair and the journal’s submission system "BY THE AUTHORS THEMSELVES." However, if the manuscript is not accepted for publication by the journal‘s editorial board, it will NOT be published either in the Journal of Thai Interdisciplinary Research or in the conference proceedings.
- To publish the paper in the online full conference proceedings, the manuscript has to be submitted in the conference Easy chair system.

 are provided with digital abstract proceedings.
Journal Publications on Regular Issues
        Authors of the accepted papers for journal publication are encouraged to submit full-length manuscripts to Journal of Thai Interdisciplinary Research (ISSN 2465-3837) and that journal indexed in the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and in the Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI).
The paper, accepted by at least 2 reviewers, will be published in Journal of Thai Interdisciplinary Research (JTIR).
     Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical contributions for presentation at the 4th International Conference at UNSDGs 2020. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
1. The Interdisciplinary Research of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
2. Pure and Applied Science
3. Electrical Engineering and Technology
4. Data Science and Digital Technology
5. Medical Health Sciences and Laws
6. Nursing  Science
7. Humanities and Social Sciences
8. Environmental Engineering and Science
9. Hospitality and Tourism Management
10. Buddhism on Mindfulness
11. Canabis​ research

Sessions & Scope

 The Interdisciplinary Research of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
UN Sustainable Development Goals:
•  Affordable and Clean energy
•  Decent Work and Economic Growth
•  Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
 Pure and Applied Science
•  Physics
•  Chemistry
•  Biology
•  Mathematics
•  Agriculture
•  Food Science
  Electrical Engineering and Technology
•  Electrical Engineering
•  Electronic Engineering
•  Communication Engineering
•  Renewable Energy
Data Science and Digital Technology
•  Artificial Intelligence
•  Big Data
•  Cloud Computing
•  Communications and Networking
•  Computer Game
•  Computer Vision, Image Processing
•  Data Analytic and Data Mining
•  Database Technology
•  E-Commerce, E-Education, E-Government,
   E-Industry, E-Society
•  Information Systems Technology
•  Computer Education
•  IT Management
•  IT Security and Privacy
•  Internet of Things
•  Multimedia and Virtual Reality
•  Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
•  Pattern Recognition
•  Platform Technologies
•  Social and Professional Issues
•  Social Network Analysis and Text Mining
•  Software Engineering
•  Web and Internet Technologies
•  Other Related Topics
 Medical Health Sciences and laws
•  Medical Education
•  Regenerative Medicine
•  Environmental Medicine
•  Eternal Health Safety
•  Energy Medicine
•  Medical law
•  Homeopathy
•  AI, IT and Innovation Medical
 Nursing  Science
•  Nursing education , administration
•  Transcultural nursing
•  Gerontological Nursing
•  AI, IT and Innovation Nursing
•  Nursing : Community Health nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing,  Pediatric Nursing, Medical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing.
 Humanities and Social Sciences
• Culture/ Intercultural Issues
• Critical Literacy and ELT
• Critical Pedagogy and Language Teaching
• ELT Professional Development
• Linguistics/ Applied Linguistics
• Bilingual Education
• Curriculum/Materials Development
• Assessment/Testing
• Transformation of English Language
• Teaching Literature/ Translation
• Law
• Criminology
• Criminal Justic
 Environmental Engineering and Science
•  Water Resource Management
•  Hydrology
•  Groundwater Hydrology and Hydraulic
•  Irrigation Engineering
•  Hydraulic Engineering
•  Coastal Engineering
•  Modeling of Water Resource System
•  Environmental Science and Technology
•  Technology of Environmental Management
•  Appropriate Technology and Innovation for Environmental Security
•  Livable City Management and Environmental Sustainability
•  Green and Low Carbon Standard and Management
 Hospitality and Tourism
•  Hospitality Management
•  Leisure Management
•  Sports Management
•  Tourism Management
•  Medical Tourism
 Buddhism on Mindfulness
• Buddhist Studies
• Buddhism for Sustainable Development
• Buddhism for Thailand 4.0
• Buddhist Philosophy
• Mindfulness Meditation
• Mindfulness for life
• Mindfulness for learning
Canabis​ research
•  Genetics of Cannabinoid
• Phyto Medicine
• Cannabinoid  Medicine
• Cannabinoid Health Product
• Botany of Cannabis
• Policy law