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Plenary Lecturer 

Prof. Emeritus Chalong Kirdpitak
Topic: Drought Crisis in B.C.  2536 in Chao Phraya River Basin, Bangkok will be shortage for raw water supply: How to holistically solve this drought crisis in the future?

Prof. Dr. Warren Y. Brockelman, Ecology Laboratory, BIOTEC National Science and Technology Development Agency Thailand

Topic: Conservation and research on gibbons in Khao Yai National Park


Dr. Charles E. Harris

Topic: An insulin-friendly lifestyle for optimal health and the prevention of hyperinsulinemia, metabolic dysfunction, and insulin disease


Keynote Speakers 

Assoc.Prof.Chaturong Tantibandit, Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University
Prof. Samantha Ilangakoon, Faculty of Buddhist Studies Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka 
Prof. Yann-Fen Chiou Chao, Dean of College of Nursing, Hungkuang University, Taiwan
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Max. Y.C. LO, Department of Leisure Industry Management,National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Juniastel  Rajagukguk North Sumatera University, Indonesia (USU)