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Now we have 2 postdoctoral scholars. We are very welcome you to join our team to produce excellent research work in glass science and technology. This position is open to applicants from all around the world. CEGM is an institute devoted to fundamental research and advance technology in glass materials. The candidate should have a good command over the English language.




Postdoctoral  Researcher


Dr. R.Raja Ramakrishna 

Dr.R.Raja Ramakrishna has been work with us from 2017 - now.  He come from center of post- graduate studied and research in physics, The national college , Jayanagar, Bangalore, India. He was position in associate professor of physics. He graduated Ph.D. in Physics from Bangalore university (India) and atteded Ph.D. research at Lehigh university (USA).  His research topic in GlassLab@NPRU is "Several Ln3+ doped  glass materials and their Judd-Ofelt (JO) analysis" and develop new softwatre for JO calculation. His postdoctoral research is supervised by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jakrapong Kaewkhao. 

Dr. Ramakrishna is expert in Ln3+ / transition doped glass, crystal and phosphor materials. He has high skill in spectroscopic study on several Ln3+ and transition doped in glasses. 

Selected Publications

Rajaramakrishna, R., Ruangtaweep, Y., Saiyasombat, C., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, “Effect of SnO2/SeO2 on Au nano-particles doped silicate glasses: a structural study using XAS and EXAFS refinements”, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 52, Article Number 244. [Q2, IF = 2.794]

Rajaramakrishna, R., Kaewjaeng, S., Kaewkhao, J., Kothan, S., 2020, "Investigation of XANES study and energy transport phenomenon of Gd3+ to Ce3+ in CaO–SiO2–B2O3 glasses", Optical Materials, 102, Article Number 109826 [Q2, IF = 3.754]

Tariwong, Y.,  Chanthima, N., Rajaramakrishna, R., Kim, H.J., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, "X-ray induced luminescence, optical, compositional and structural investigations of natural and imitation rubies: Identification technique", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 177, Article Number 109089.  [Q1, IF = 2.776]

Boonin, K., Yasaka, P., Limkitjaroenporn, P., Rajaramakrishna, R., Askin, A., Sayyed, M.I., Kothan, S., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, "Effect of BaO on Lead Free Zinc Barium Tellurite Glass for Radiation Shielding Materials in Nuclear Application", Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 550, Article Number 120386. [Q1, IF = 4.458]

Kaewjaeng, S., Wanata, N., Kothan, S.,  Rajaramakrishna, R., Kim, H.J., Limsuwan, P.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2021,  "Effect of Gd2O3 on the radiation shielding, physical, optical and luminescence behaviors of Gd2O3-La2O3-ZnO-B2O3-Dy2O3 glasses", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 185, article Number 109500 [Q1, IF = 2.776]

Borisut, P., Insiripong, S., Limkitjaroenporn, Meejitpaisan, P.,  Kaewnuam, E., Chaiphaksa, W., Rajaramakrishna, R., Kim, H.J., Kaewkhao, J., 2022, " Luminescence and Judd-Ofelt analysis of gallium aluminum gadolinium yttrium borate scintillating glass doped with Dy3+", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 199, Article Number, 110284  [Q1, IF = 2.776]

Rajaramakrishna, R., Chaiphaksa, W., Garima, Nagesha, S.K.,  N., Kothan, Kaewkhao, J., 2022, “X-Ray Luminescence, Photoluminescence, and Radiation Shielding Properties of Europium-Doped Oxide Glasses for Red Light-Emitting Device Applications”, Physica Status Solidi (a), Article number, 2200411. [Q3, IF = 2.170]  

Rajaramakrishna, R., Tariwong, Srisittipokakun, N., Kothan, S., Kaewkhao, J., 2023, “1.06 μm emission of neodymium doped P2O5+Al2O3+Li2O+BaO+Gd2O3/ GdF3 glasses for solid-state NIR applications”, Journal of Luminescence, 257, Article number 119650 [Q2, IF = 4.171]





Dr.Anon Angnanon

Dr.Anon Angnanon graduated Ph.D. in Physics form Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University under Ph.D. Research and researcher for industries (RRI) in 2020. He was visit Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Universty for 1 year for his Ph.D. research under supervised by Prof.Ken Kurosaki and Prof.Hiroaki Muta. He is now posdoctoral fellow in GlassLab@NPRU


Selected Publication

[1] Ruengsri, S., Insiripong, S., Sangwaranatee N., Kim H.J., Wantana N., Angnanon A., and  Kaewkhao, J.,  2017, " Development of Dy3+-doped Gd2MoB2O9 phosphor and their luminescence behavior", Integrated Ferroelectric, 177, pp. 39-47. [Q4, IF = 0.836]

[2] Angnanon, A., Rajaramakrishna, R., Srisittipokakun, N., Damdee, B.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2020, "Novel plaster waste glass for solid state lighting applications", Optical Materials, 109, Article Number 110180. [Q2, IF = 3.754]
[3] Damdee, B., Kirdsiri, K., Kim, H.J., Yamanoi, K., Angnanon, A., Triamnak, N.,  Kothan, S.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2021, " Effect of Gd2O3 concentration on X-rays induced and photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+ - Activated Gd2O3–B2O3 glass", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 189, article Number 109681 [Q1, IF = 2.776]

[4] Aryal, P., Saha. S., Kim, H.J., Kang, S.J., Ntarisa, A.V.,  Angnanon, A.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2021, "Synthesis and characterization of CeF3‒doped (74.5-x) P2O5 : 20Li2O : 5Al2O3 : x(GdF3, LaF3 and YF3) glasses", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 189, article Number 109700 [Q1, IF = 2.776]

[5] Wongwan, W., Yasaka, P., Boonin, K., Angnanon, A., Duangjai, A., Sa-ardsin, W., Kothan, S., Kaewkhao, J., "Scintillation and photoluminescence investigations of Gd2MoB2O9: CeF3 phosphors", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 199, Article number 110368 [Q1, IF = 2.776]

[6] Angnanon, A., Nualpralakasana, S., Damdee, B.,Rajaramakrishna, R., Chanlek, N., Horprathum, M., Kothan, Kaewkhao, J., 2022, “Solid-state synthesis, characterizations and luminescent properties of EuBO¬33 phosphors with various Gd3+ concentrations for X-ray screen material application”, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 201, Article number 110406. [Q1, IF = 2.776]

[7] Ullah, I., Sarumaha, C., Angnanon, A., Khan, I., Shoaib, M., Kothan, S., Rooh, G., Kaewkhao, J., , 2022, " Effect of Gd2O3 concentration on Photo and X-rays excited luminescence characteristics of Dy3+-Activated Li2O3-SrO-B2O3 glass ", Optical Materials , Optical Materials, 133, Article Number 113044 [Q2, IF = 3.754]

[8] Kaewnuam, E., Angnanon, A., Wantana, N., Kaewkhao, J., 2023, “The study and development on Gd2Y(1-x)DyxAl2Ga3O12 phosphor for x-ray detection material”, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 202, Article number 110508 [Q1, IF = 2.776]



Visiting Researcher


1.  Dr. Nurlaela Rauf

Dr. Nurlaela Rauf come from Physics Dept. – FMIPA – University of Hasanuddin, Indonesia. She graduated Ph.D. in Physics from Institute National des, Sciences appliquees (INSA), Lyon, France. She come for short course research in GlassLab@NPRU in 2017-2018. Her research topic in GlassLab@NPRU  is "Development of radiaiton shielding glass using rare earth oxide as an additive materials". 

Selected Publication

1. Ruaf, N.,Ruangtaweep, Y. Chaiphaksa, W., Kaewkhao, J., 2018, "Preparing the transparent Gadolinium Silicoborate glass for radiation shielding material", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1120 012076, pp. 1-4. [Indexed by Scopus]

2. Djamal, M., Yuliantini, L., Hidayat, R., Rauf, N.,Horprathum, M., Rajaramakrishna, R., Boonin, K., Yasaka, P., Kaewkhao, J., Venkatramu, V., Kothan, S., 2020, "Spectroscopy study of Nd3+ ion-doped Zn-Al-Ba borate glasses for NIR emitting device application", Optical Materials, 107, Article Number 110018. [IF = 2.779]


2.  Assoc.Prof.Dr. San Yu Swe 

Dr. San Yu Swe come from Department of Physics, University of Mandalay, Myanmar. She graduated Ph.D. in Physics from Yangon University in 2007. Her experist is SrO-Bi2O3-B2O3 glass system and characterization.  She come for short course research in GlassLab@NPRU in 2019. Her research topic in GlassLab@NPRU  is "Development ment of Sm3+ and Nd3+ doped in Gd2O3 based glass for solid state lighting material application". 


3. Dr. Zin Maung Htwe

Dr. Zin Maung Htwe come from Department of Physics, University of Mandalay, Myanmar. She graduated Ph.D. in Physics from Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 2017. His experist is non-linear optical properties of materials and their measurement.  He come for short course research in GlassLab@NPRU in 2019. His research topic in GlassLab@NPRU  is "Spectroscopic investigation of Dy3+ and Eu3+ doped in Gd2O3 based glass for solid state lighting material application.