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Recent news


[16 July 2020] 

Congratulation for  new Assistance and Associate Professors in Physics of Glass Lab@NPRU

Asst.Prof.Dr.Wuttichai Chaiphaksa and Asst.Prof.Dr.Kittipong Seangsanoh have been promoted to assistance professor in physics. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nattapon Srisittipokakun has been promoted to associate professor in physics!!!

[7 Jan 2019]

Congratulation for M.  Shoaib (Pakistan's Ph.D. student)  for his 1st publication in ISI journal 

 Shoaib, M., Rooh, G., Chanthima, N.,  Rajaramakrishna, R., Kim, H.J., Wongdeeying, C., Kaewkhao, J., 2019, "Intriguing energy transfer mechanism in Oxide and Oxy-fluoride phosphate glasses", Optical Materials, 88, pp. 429-444. [IF = 2.320]


Link to paper: Optical Materials, 88, pp. 429-444.

[21 Nov 2018]

Congratulation for I. Khan (Pakistan's Ph.D.)  and his 3rd publication in ISI journal 

Khan, I., Rooh, G., Rajaramakrishna, R., Sirsittipokakun, N., Kim, H.J.,  Kaewkhao, J., Kirdsiri, K.,  2019, "Energy transfer phenomenon of Gd3+ to excited ground state of Eu3+ ions in Li2O-BaO-Gd2O3-SiO2-Eu2O3 glasses", Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 210, pp. 21-29. [IF = 2.880] 


Link to paper: Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 210, pp. 21-29.

[21 Nov 2018]

Congratulation for I. Khan (Pakistan)  and his 2nd publication in ISI journal 

Khan, I., Rooh, G., Rajaramakrishna, R., Sirsittipokakun, N. Wongdeeying, C., Kiwsakunkran, N., Wantana, N., Kim, H.J.,  Kaewkhao, J., Tuscharoen, S., 2019, " Photoluminescence and white light generation of Dy2O3 doped Li2O- BaO-Gd2O3- SiO2 for white light LED", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 774, pp.244-254. [IF = 3.779]  

Link to paper: Journal of Alloy and Compound (2019), 774, pp. 244-254. 

[21 Nov 2018]

Congratulation to Ms.Nuanthip Wantana (RGJ, Ph.D. scolarship fro TRF) for her 2nd publication in ISI journal 

Wantana, N,  Kaewnuam, E., Chanthima, N., Kaewjaeng, S., Kim, H.J., Kaewkhao, J., 2018, " Ce3+ doped glass for radiation detection material", Ceramics International, 44, pp. S172-S176. [IF = 3.057]

Link to paper: Ceramics International (2018),  44, pp.S172-S176.


[11 Sep 2018] 

Congratulation for Lia (Indonesia student) for her 2nd publication in ISI journal 

Yuliantini, L., Kaewnuam, E., Hidayat, R., Djamal, R., Boonin, K., Yasaka, P.,  Wongdeeying, C., Kiwsakunkran, N.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2018, "Yellow and blue emission from BaO-(ZnO/ZnF2)-B2O3-TeO2 glasses doped with Dy3+ for laser medium and scintillation material application", Optical Materials, 85, pp. 382- 390. [IF = 2.183]

Link to paper: Optical Materials, 85, pp. 382- 390.


[2 Sep 2018] 

Congratulation for I. Khan (Pakistan)  and his first publication in ISI journal 

Khan, I. Rooh, G., Rajaramakrishna, R., Sirsittipokakun, N., Kim, H.J., Wongdeeying, C., Kaewkhao, J., 2018, "Development of Eu3+ doped Li2O-BaO-GdF3-SiO2 oxyfluoride glass for efficient energy transfer from Gd3+ to Eu3+ in red emission solid state device application", Journal of Luminescence, 203, pp.515-524. [IF = 2.693]

Link to paper: Journal of Luminescence, 203, pp.515-524.


[15 Aug 2018] 

Congratulation for Lubna ( Pakistan student) for her 5th publication in ISI journal 

Shamshad, L., Ali, N., Ataullah, Kaewkhao, J.,  Rooh, G., Ahmed, T., Zaman, F., 2018, "Luminescence characterization of Sm3+-doped sodium potassium borate


glasses for laser application" Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 766, pp. 828-840. [IF = 3.779]

Link to paper: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 766, pp. 828-840.


[8 May 2018] 

Congratulation Dr.Falak Zaman for Ph.D.Graduation!!

Dr.Falak Zaman was visiting research scholar in GlassLab@NPRU for 1.5 year and he has published many ISI paper for his Ph.D. Thesis. His last paper has been published in title "Physical, structural and luminescence investigation of Eu3+-doped lithium-gadolinium bismuth-borate glasses for LEDs", Solid State Science, 80, pp. 161-169. [IF = 1.811]. His reseach in Thailand supervised by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jakrapong Kaewkhao and Asst.Prof.Dr.Nattapon Srisittipokakun.

Link to paper: Solid State Science, 80, pp. 161-169.

[8 April 2018] 

Looking for Ph.D. student to join us!!!

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jakrapong Kaewkhao has been support by 21th Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph.D. program, Thailand Research Fund (TRF). He is looking for Ph.D. student to do good research together. Please send email to apply this position to him before 30 April 2018. 

More information for 21th RGJ programรายนามอาจารย์ที่ปรึกษา/

[7  April 2018 ] 
Excellence work! The 1st paper has been published from our postdoctoral fellow (PDF), Dr. Raja Ramakrishna.
Dr.Raja Ramakrishna, CEGM, postdoctoral fellow  has been published his paper in Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Impact factor = 3.133). The title is "Investigations of optical and luminescence features of Sm3+ doped Li2O-MO-B2O3 (M = Mg/Ca/Sr/Ba) glasses mixed with different modifier oxides as an orange light emitting phosphor for WLED's". This is very good collaboration work with Dr.Keerati Kirdsiri and Mr.Benjaporn Damdee. This is link to paper. --- > "Please click"

We are looking for the next, Raja!



[25 March 2018] 


Ms. Benjaporn Damdee , Ph.D. student from GlassLab@NPRU. She got Ph.D. scholarship from 20th Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph.D. program, Thailand Research Fund (TRF). Her superviser is Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jakrapong Kaewkhao. Her research is "Low phonon energy glass deopd with Ln3+ for solid state lighting material application". She is 2nd student from our group to get this scholarship. 

More information for RGJ program  Tang!  We are so pround of you.


[15 March 2018 ] 

Ph.D. student from Indonesia published her paper in Journal of non-crystalline solid

Ms.Lia Yulaintini, Ph.D. student from ITB, Indonesia publshed paper in very good journal (Journal of non crystalline solid). Her publsied paper is "Development of Sm doped ZnO-Al2O3-BaO-B2O3glasses for optical gain medium". Here it is link to her paper


[6 Febuary 2018] 

Congratulations for 2 Ph.D. student received excellence Ph.D. scholarships from Thailand Research Fund (TRF).

2 Ph.D. student from GlassLab@NPRU received 2 Ph.D. scholarships under Researcher for Industry (RRI), Thailand Research Fund (TRF) in 2017

[1] Mr.Wasu Cheewasukhanont

[2] Mr. Yaowaluk Tariwong  

More information about RRI program

[1 December 2017] 

Welcome new postdocoral fellowship position  GlassLab@NPRU member. 

Welcome to GlassLab@NPRU, Dr.RAJANAVANEETHAKRISHNA RAJA RAMAKRISHNA  form India. He come to our team for stronger research about Ln3+ doped glass for photonics application. Dr. Raja is a good background for Ln3+ doped glass and their characterization. 

Welcome to Thailand Raja!! We will share knowledge and publish many papers together!! 

[26 June 2017] 


We offer a 1-years research contract to perform a postdoc project at the Center of Excellence in Glass Technology and Materials Science (CEGM), Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. This position is open to applicants from all around the world. CEGM is an institute devoted to fundamental research and advance technology in glass materials. The candidate should have a good command over the English language.


List of Subjects: PostDoc project: Oxyfluoride glass doped with lanthanide 3+ ions for photonic material applications and related topics.


Scholarship Award: The budget for position will be 378,000 THB/year.


Eligibility: The CEGM is looking for a young motivated candidate meeting ALL the following requirements: (1) Strong background in material physics, especially in glass. (2) PhD degree in Physics or related feilds. (3) High expertise in Ln3+ doped glass preparation and their characterizations. (4) High expertise in Judd-Ofelt analysis and related software. (4) Good English communication skills. (5) Published at least 10 international papers and H-index at least = 3 in Scopus database. (6) Nationality: Applicants from all around the world can apply.



Test Requirement: None English Language Requirement: No certificate needed, though good oral and written level are expected. Supporting Material: Please send CV before 10 July 2017 to email: 


More information, please contact

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jakrapong Kaewkhao

Center of Excellence in Glass Technology and Materials Science (CEGM), Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Email: Website:

[more detail, please see in this link]


2020 selected  publication in ISI databased

1. Al‐Hadeethi, Y., Sayyed, M.I., Kaewkhao, J., Askin, A., Raffah, B.M., Mkawi, E.M., Rajaramakrishna, R., 2020,  “Physical, optical properties and radiation shielding studies of xLa2O3-(100-x)B2O3 glass system”, Ceramics International 46 (4), pp. 5380-5386. [IF = 3.830]


2. Ravangvong, S., Chanthima, N., Rajaramakrishna, R., Kim, H.J., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, "Effect of sodium oxide and sodium fluoride in gadolinium phosphate glasses doped with Eu2O3 content", Journal of Luminescence 219, Article Number 116950. [IF =3.280]


3. Rao, V.R., Doddoji, R., Pecharapha, W., Kaewkhao , J., Depuru, S.R., Jayasankar, C.K.,  , 2020, "Photoluminescence and energy transfer studies in Ce3+ and Sm3+ activated P2O5+K2O+Al2O3+BaF2+NaF glasses for solid state lighting" Optical Materials, 99, Article Number 109576 [IF = 2.779]


4. Rajaramakrishna, R., Nijapai, P., Kidkhunthod, P., Kim, H.J., Kaewkhao, J., Ruangtaweep. Y., 2020, "Molecular dynamics simulation and luminescence properties of Eu3+ doped molybdenum gadolinium borate glasses for red emission", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 813, Article number 151914. [IF = 4.650]  


5. Wantana, N., Ruangtaweep, Y.,  Kaewnuam, E., Kang, S.C., Kim. H.J., Kothan. S., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, “Development of WO3-Gd2O3-B2O3 high density glasses doped with Dy3+ for photonics and scintillation materials application”, Solid State Science, 101, Article number 106135. [IF = 2.434]


6. Rajaramakrishna, R., Ruangtaweep, Y., Sattayaporn, S., Kidkhunthod, P., Kothan S., Kaewkhao, J., 2020,  "Structural analysis and luminescence studies of Ce3+/Dy3+ co-doped calcium zinc gadolinium borate glasses using EXAFS", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 171, Article number 108965. [IF = 2.226]


7. Intom, S., Kalkornsurapranee, E., Johns, J., Kaewjaeng S., Kothan, S., Hongtong, W., Chaiphaksa, W.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2020,  " Mechanical and radiation shielding properties of flexible material based on T natural rubber/ Bi2O3 composites", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 172, Article number 108772. [IF = 2.226]


8. Cheewasukhanont, W., Limkitjoroenporn, P., Kothan, S., Kedkaew, C.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2020,  "The effect of particle size on radiation shielding properties for bismuth borosilicate glass", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 172, Article number 108791. [IF = 2.226]


9. Khan, I., Rooh., G., Rajaramakrishna, R., Srisittipokakun, S., Kim, H.J., Kothan, S., Kaewkhao, J., Kirdsiri, K., 2020, "Comparative study of optical and luminescence properties of Sm3+-ions doped Li2O–Gd2O3–PbO–SiO2 and Li2O-GdF3-PbO–SiO2 glasses for orange emission solid state device application", Journal of Luminescence, 222, Article number  117136.  [IF = 3.280]


10. Jagannathan, A., Rajaramakrishna, R. Rajashekara, K.M.., Gangareddy, J.M., Pattar K, V., Rao S, V., Eraiah, B.,  Angadi V, J., Kaewkhao, J., Kothan, S.,  2020, " Investigations on nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticles doped T fluoroborate glasses for optical limiting applications", Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 538, Article number 120010.  [IF = 2.929]


11. Wantana, N.,  Kaewnuam, E., Ruangtaweep, Y., Kidkhunthod, P., Kim. H.J., Kothan. S., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, “High density tungsten gadolinium borate glasses doped with Eu3+ ion for photonic and scintillator application”, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 172, Article number 108868. [IF = 2.226]


12. Posopa, N., Sakulkalavek, A., Chanlek, N., Kaewkhao, J., Sakdanuphap, R., 2020, “Room-temperature rapid synthesis of CuI thin films via liquid iodination method”, Superlattices and Microstructures, 141, Article number 106501. [IF = 2.120]


13. Sangwaranatee, N., Yasaka, P., Rajaramakrishna, R., Kothan, S., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, “Photoluminescence properties and energy transfer investigations of Gd3+ and Sm3+ co-doped ZnO–BaO–TeO2 glasses for solid state laser application”, Journal of Luminescence, 224, Article Number 117275.   [IF = 3.280]


14. Rajaramakrishna, R., Ruangtaweep, Y., Saiyasombat, C., Kaewkhao, J., 2020, “Effect of SnO2/SeO2 on Au nano-particles doped silicate glasses: a structural study using XAS and EXAFS refinements”, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 52, Article Number 244. [IF = 1.842]

15. Ahmad, Z, Ali, S., Ahmad, H., Hayat, K., Iqbal, Y., Zulfiqar, F., Zaman, F., Rooh, G.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2020, “RADIO-OPTICAL response of cerium-doped lithium gadolinium bismuth borate glasses”, Journal of Luminescence, 224, Article Number 117341. [IF = 3.280]


16. Rajaramakrishna, R., Kaewjaeng, S., Kaewkhao, J., Kothan, S., 2020, "Investigation of XANES study and energy transport phenomenon of Gd3+ to Ce3+ in CaO–SiO2–B2O3 glasses", Optical Materials, 102, Article Number 109826 [IF = 2.779]


17. Saha, S., Kim, H.J., Khan, A., Daniel , D.J., Absar, R., Barman, R., Aryal, P.,  Kaewkhao, J., Kothan, S., 2020, " Luminescence and Scintillation Properties of Dy3+ doped Li6Y(BO3)3 crystal", Optical Materials, 102, Article Number 109826 [IF = 2.779]


18. Saha, S., Kim, H.J., Aryal, P., Tyagi, M., Barman, R., Kaewhkao, J.   Kothan, S., Kaewjaeng,S., 2020, " Synthesis and characterization of borate glasses for thermal neutron scintillation and imaging"Radiation Measurement, 134, Article Number 106319 [IF = 1.512]


19. Ullah, I., Shah, S.K., Rooh, G., Srisittipokakun, N., Khan, A., Kaewkhao, J., Kim, H.J., Kothan, S., 2020,“Spectroscopic study and energy transfer behavior of Gd3+ to Dy3+ for Li2O–MgO-Gd2O3–B2O3 glasses for white emission material”, Journal of Luminescence, 226, Article Number 117380.   [IF = 3.280]



20. Aryal, P., Khan, A., Kim, H.J., Vuong, P., Kaewkhao, J., Kothan, S., Kaewjaeng, S.,  2020 "Development of Tin-based Single Crystal Scintillator for Double-beta Decay Experiments", IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science, 67 (6), pp. 922-926.  [IF = 1.575] 


21. Kolavekar, S.B., Ayachit, N.H., Rajaramakrishna, R., Pramod N G, Kaewkhao, J.

.2020, Reddish-orange emission and Judd-Ofelt investigation of Sm3+ ions doped in zinc-bismuth-phospho-tellurite glasses for solid lighting application”, Journal of Luminescence, 226, Article Number 117498.   [IF = 3.280]



Jakrapong Kaewkhao ISI Report (176 papers, 2514 citation, H-index = 30)  

Jakrapong Kaewkhao Scopus Report  (419 papers, 2938 citation, H-index = 28)  

Jakrapong Kaewkhao Google Citation Report (3745 citation, H-index = 30)