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Plenary Lecturer 


 Prof.Dr.Yoshikawa Toshikazu, President of KyotoPrefectural University of Medicine

 At the Global Leading Edge of Medical Research, Education, and Patient-Centered Healthcare 


Keynote Speakers 


Prof. Dr. Manfred Koch, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Kassel, Germany


Assoc.Prof.Chaturong Tantibandit, Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University


Prof. Samantha Ilangakoon, Faculty of Buddhist Studies Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka 


Prof. Dr.Yann-Fen Chiou Chao, Dean of College of Nursing, Hungkuang University, Taiwan


Assoc. Prof. Dr.Max. Y.C. LO, Department of Leisure Industry Management,National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan


Prof.Dr.Grant A. Ramm, Department  of Cell and Molecular Biology, The University of Queensland, Australia