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     The Faculty of Management Sciences, a leading and popular faculty of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University with approximately 5,000 undergraduate students,  was established in 1984. The Faculty aims to produce graduates with proficiency in business management and communication arts to serve the business and professional organizations.  Curricula are offered through the following academic programs: General Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Computer, International Business, Logistic Management and Supply Chains, Communication Arts, Accounting, and Business Education.

      The faculty emphasizes on developing students to their utmost potential through the concept of Practitioner Graduate Education (PGE) to create desired attributes of graduates: “proficiency, knowledge, and thinkability ”, and also integrates global knowledge to reinforce local strength for the achievement of  both personal and societal goals.  Therefore, the programs and courses have been designed to be responsive to the changing needs of the labor market and are geared to provide employers with a pool of skilled graduates. Moreover, the Faculty also provides the research and continuing education courses through Research and Academic Services Center to make effective contribution to the up-skilling and re-training of employees through specifically designed and tailored courses.