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Vantage English Placement Test for NPRU

Vantage Siam Co., Ltd is Thailand’s Authorized Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre, offering a full range of English exams for both the corporate and academic sectors of Vantage Placement Test for NPRU. This paper-based test set the standard for quality and reliability, and these qualifications are recognized around the world.

The objectives of the test are set based on the rationale that Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University (NPRU) would like a reliable, off-line English test that can be used as an English placement test for approximate 4,500 candidates to determine their English ability before enrollment process. Approximately 75-item tests directly measure two skill areas: 1) Listening: approximately 20 multiple choice listening questions based on short or long dialogues and 2) Language Knowledge & Reading: approximately 50 multiple choice language knowledge and reading comprehension questions. The raw scores for Listening and for Language Knowledge & Reading are combined for an overall percentage score. This score is correlated to the 6-level CEFR scale.